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parent monitoring child's online activities

Data Privacy for your kids

With the world going more and more online, parents have to take the lead role in protecting our children's privacy.

Start by educating yourself

Take time to learn it.  Understand the dangers and scams around the internet.

Educate your children

Nothing beats education in protecting your child from all possible online dangers.  These dangers are real and happens all the time.

Let your children know what types of information should not be shared online.  Also instruct them to tell you when people are asking for these types of information.

  • Fullnames and Initials
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Information about parents, their friends
  • Photos and Videos


Register email accounts for your kids.  Most email services have parental controls.  Learn about your email provider's security settings.

Be wary of FREE

Free usually means you are not paying for it with money, but rather paying for it with your information.

Information after all is a new form of currency, a very powerful one at that.

Most services will bury privacy points under a ton of legalese.  Do your reseach before you click ACCEPT.

Social Media

Teach your kids about click-baits that ask for authorization.  Granting authorization allows access to personal information.


Teach your kids to be appropriate in taking/allowing photos or videos even when they do not intend to share it.

Digital material lasts forever and can leak out in various ways.

Your kids might be good at protecting their information but that does not necessarily translate to all their friends.

Additional Resources

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