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Studying for Entrance Exams during Quarantine - Unna

General Description

We have all put life on hold to abide by the “New Normal,” but for senior high students a crucial event draws nearer: College Entrance Exams. Through the Internet, review centers, group studies, and reviewers are all available! There are many people online who offer to extend their help and materials for free. However, in many ways, the student is still very much alone in their endeavour to study. The will and the drive to get things done has to come from them. In comfortable environments (our homes), it is easy to become complacent. If there is a certain university you want to get into, all it takes is effort, time, and hard work.

What I Liked

I would liken my experience studying now to sharpening a knife. After taking a break from school, my ability to work felt dulled. I am not enrolled in any review centers because I resolved to study on my own. Full disclosure: I have trouble paying attention for long periods of time. By depending on myself, I get to cultivate and strengthen qualities such as self-reliance, responsibility, and persistence. So far I am enjoying being in control of my schedule and deciding how I learn. I learned that for some subjects, I respond better to oral lessons rather than text and vice versa.

What I Learned

I impart this advice on anyone having trouble studying: Stay dedicated. It is important to have a routine and stick to it. Have faith in yourself. More often than not we beat ourselves up after a setback- don’t. We need to experience setbacks and failures to build off of and develop. Take breaks! Always remain level-headed. In test-taking (as in real life), how you approach your obstacles make all the difference between pass or fail.

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