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Student Council - Nella


General Description

The Student Council, Bayanihan, is a group of students who will work together to organize school events, help enforce and make rules, etc. This opportunity will also allow me to improve my leadership qualities as well as improve my social skills and ability to properly communicate with others. We have many plans as to how we can help improve our AP community such as odysseys, community clean-ups, and inter-ap activities.

What I Liked

I really just joined recently and due to the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic, we haven’t been in school, so I haven’t really done too much as a member of the student council. Although a lot of the organizing and preparing to join and promote Bayanihan was done on Viber. We had different jobs and assignments as to what we had to do. I had to make the Facebook profile logo, I was really confused at first and did it wrong but Hannah helped and corrected me. That's what I like about it, it's a really secure and welcoming environment, I made a mistake but I was helped through it. That doesn’t just apply to the student council but the school altogether.

What I Learned

Once again, I just recently joined and I’m not too used to being in a leadership role but there are definitely a lot of opportunities for me to learn things. Although so far it has been uneventful due to the fact that we are out of school, I have already learned that everyone should get an opportunity to be in a leadership role. I’m personally pretty shy and I already know being a part of the student council will help me with my leadership qualities and help ensure I am independent and hardworking. But I definitely still have a lot to learn from joining the student council and I look forward to that.