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What is Santorini like? - Laila


General Description

Santorini is a small island about 200 kilometers away from Greece’s mainland. A distinct feature of this island is that almost all of the structures of the island usually have the signature white or off-white exterior, and blue roof. Although there are no malls, there are places rich with activity such as museums, art galleries, and shopping districts. Santorini is so small that you can drive from one side of the island to the other in 45 minutes or less.

My favourite thing about Santorini

My favorite thing about Santorini was definitely the people. They were much like us Filipinos: kind, hospitable, and although we were strangers to them, they made us feel welcome. On the first day of my family’s arrival at Santorini, we were carrying our various luggage, and a local saw that my sister was struggling so she decided to help my sister carry one of her suitcases. Another highlight of our trip: the man who rented his house to us owned a restaurant as well. When we visited his restaurant, he asked us for a recipe for adobo which surprised and pleased us.

What I learned from Santorini

The most important thing I learned in Santorini was the culture. There were so many stories and history on that small island. Santorini is right beside a volcano and about 3,600 years ago that volcano erupted and caused lava to fall on the island which is why all the beaches are black (as seen on the left). The dishes and libraries and beaches have so many stories to tell. I learned something new everyday because of this trip.