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My Palawan Adventure - Clive, 10


General Description

Palawan is an island in the Philippines located in Visayas. The island is filled with beaches, sea animals, and loads of tropical, exotic food for you to eat. It also has many different activities for you to enjoy, such as hot springs, island hopping, birdwatching, and many more. You can get there easily from Manila, and it won’t take more than a 45-minute flight to get to the province. From there, we took a van to the dock, and then we rode a boat to get to the island, which was called Coron.


What did I like about Palawan?

Well, we only got to see Coron for most of the trip, but what I liked was seeing the interesting rock formations, the clean sea, and the many animals that lived there. However, my favourite part of the whole trip was the hotel room we stayed in. We had our very own cottage to ourselves, right beside the beach. We took a golf cart around the resort, and the beds were super soft. And the best part of it all was the boodle fight we had the night before we left the island!


What did I learn from our trip?

I learned how beautiful our country is, without all the countless buildings and cities that we grew up with. The sun reflecting over the sea, the fruit bats hanging from the trees, and the blue, clear water. Everything about Palawan is so magical, and I can’t wait to go back there one day!