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Japan Experience - Megan


General Description

Japan is a country located in Eastern Asia and is a country that is filled with many delights for the whole world to enjoy. My family and I like it there so much that we have been there not once, but twice! There are many things to enjoy there, such as the amazing food that is served everywhere (even a simple sandwich at FamilyMart is good!) and the multiple theme parks and attractions that are a definite must for every family to visit. As of now, we have been to both Osaka and Tokyo, and plan to see much more in the future!



What I Like About Japan

Honestly, there isn’t much I don’t like about Japan. Everything about it is amazing, like the countless ramen restaurants around the area and the delicious chocolate bread at 7/11. The people there are also very nice to everyone around them, and the general feeling of the country makes you feel safe. There are also many activities that you can try out every day, so many that you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the options. It’s a great place for you and your family to enjoy themselves, because you’ll always have fun there!



What I Learned From our Trip

Another thing that is really great about Japan is that it gives you the chance to be very independent. I had to take care of all my train tickets and money by myself while I was there, and it teaches you responsibility -- in a very fun way! Giving yourself the task of taking care of the itinerary could also help you with independence, while allowing the rest of your family to relax and enjoy. Even after my two trips there, I’m very excited to visit the country again soon!

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