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Casa: The Movable Alphabet

The Montessori method encourages the children a more self-directed learning through exploration and a little bit of play. We help the children learn better through a variety of specially designed materials. These materials may look just like fun toys, but actually they are designed to help the children learn and master more difficult concepts.

Most children learn to read between the ages of 4 and 7, and in order to become more comfortable with reading, of course the children first need to be comfortable with the letters and then the words. That’s where the Movable Alphabet comes into play. Children form these colorful, three-dimensional letters into actual words. Rather than just seeing the words on paper, the children get to manipulate the letters in such a way to form these words with the use of their hands. This becomes a more hands-on interactive play that makes learning easier and more engaging and fun.

- Andrea de Veyra

montessori movable alphabet