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General Policy

The admissions process provides both the prospective parents and the school with an opportunity to mutually agree that the child is best served by his or her admission to MMCSFI. An agreement on educational goals, even at this early stage, is important in keeping a consistent and collaborative agenda in ensuring the security and happiness of the child.

MMCSFI welcomes children of all races, religions or creed.

At the primary level, CASA admits children who are at least two and a half (2 ½) years old and allows for a year round enrollment before the age of five (5).

The Elementary Program admits children who are six (6) years old and have successfully completed the Kinder year, as required by the Department of Education, and with proper promotional documentation from the child’s previous school.

The Adolescent Program admits students who have completed their elementary level of education, and with proper documentation from the child’s previous school.

Acceptance and admission varies from year to year, depending on the availability of slots.

New Students

Parents of prospective students all meet the Admissions Officer. The process is detailed in three (3) steps:

  • Orientation and Tour
  • Classroom Observation
  • Assessment

It is imperative that the Montessori philosophy and methodology, the academic program, enrichment activities and other details about the school be discussed at the Orientation and at any given point in this application process.

If the parents wish to pursue their child’s application, a form is accomplished for the purpose, the payment for processing paid, and the initial documents be submitted:

For Filipino students

  1. A copy of the PSA Birth Certificate
  2. The Report Card from the Previous School
  3. An accomplished Teacher Reference Form from the previous teacher for Casa and Elementary applicants and a Recommendation letter from the Class Advisor or School Counselor for AP applicants
  4. 1pc, 1x1 colored I.D. picture.

For foreign students.

  1. Alien Certificate Registration (ACR) or the I-Card issued by the Bureau of Immigration
  2. Photocopy of the parents’ and the child’s passport, particularly the bio-page and stamps of the latest departure and arrival in the country. The original must be presented to the Admissions Officer for verification.
  3. The Assessment of the child is scheduled only if the documents have been received three (3) days before the scheduled day.

Parents are notified of their child’s acceptance in person and formally, in writing. Medical forms are given for completion and other documents may be necessary to complete the application.

A non-refundable reservation maybe required if the student enrolls at least one month before the date of enrollment.

Admission of Children with Special Needs

As a general policy of MMCSFI, admission of children with special needs is dependent on the school’s capacity to support that child’s needs vis-à-vis the needs of all the children already enrolled in all programs from CASA to the Adolescent Program. Thus, acceptance varies not only from year to year, but from program to program.

All parents seeking admission to MMCSFI sign the MMCSFI Policies on Children with Special Needs (see page 53). The contract safeguards a collaborative relationship between incoming parents and the school.

Parents who, upon application, volunteer information regarding their child’s diagnoses, are required to submit papers documenting past and any other on-going assessments, and diagnoses by an appropriate expert/s.

On the other hand, parents who have nothing to disclose upon application voluntarily allow MMCSFI, through its medical consultants, to openly communicate observations, concerns and relay expert recommendations regarding a child’s possible special need.

In both cases, parents are compelled to comply with recommendations from the experts immediately and to continuously support the child’s needs.

MMCSFI recognizes the wide range and levels of needs or disabilities that a child can have. Within the context of Montessori teaching and learning principles, resources available to MMCSFI, and the limits set by the DepEd, the school reserves the right to consider the acceptance and continued presence of children with particular needs or disabilities.

Returning Students

Children who wish to return to the school after an absence of one (1) school year may be accepted on a case to case basis, as determined by the receiving teacher and the Executive Director.